Great LUSH products for your face

9 to 5 Cleansing Milk

I chose this LUSH cleanser as no water is needed and you’re able to remove it with cotton wool. This cleansing lotion actually contains Orchids- how luxurious is that?!

Mask of Magnaminty Face Mask

This is the only mud mask that LUSH do that isn’t fresh- therefore it’s much cheaper. Keep it in the fridge and it’ll feel extra amazing when you put it on and exfoliates too!

Eau Roma Toner Water

This stuff really makes your skin feel fresh and has the added bonus of being in spritzer bottle.

Dream Steam Steamer Tab

This is another one of the products that I don’t buy regularly as unfortunately I can’t afford to buy toiletries that you only get one use out of. Drop it into a bowl of hot water and enjoy the vapours and then once the water has cooled you can use this as a toner.

Sweet Lips Lip Scrub

This stuff is brilliant for getting rid of that horrible dried skin on your lips and tastes really yummy 🙂 I’d probably use it about once a week.

Ultrabalm All Purpose Balm

You know how versatile and useful vaseline is? Well Ultrabalm is all that but works 100X better, is full of natural ingredients- not petrol and contains essential oils so it actually gets into your skin- use it as a lip balm and you’ll never look back!

Enchanting Eye Cream

Delicate eye cream with a lovely consistency.

Vanishing cream moisturiser

This is a great day moisturiser, it disappears almost instantly into your skin and is a great base under make up.

Full of Grace Serum Bar

I wasn’t really sure what I serum was or what the point of it was so I did some investigating an turns out it’s just a really thick form of moisturiser so ideal as a night cream and also apparently great under a mud mask. This stuff has surprising lasted quite a while, smells great, does the job and is thick and lovely.

For all Products that I Love click here

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