Great LUSH products for your hands and feet

Honey I Washed The Kids soap

This honey-toffee soap leaves your hands smelling absolutely gorgeous!
Helping Hands Hand Cream

I’d pretty much buy any kind of toiletry from LUSH- if they did hairspray, mouthwash, nail polish remover I’d buy it. So it’s hand cream (an essential beauty item!) and it’s by LUSH therefore I own it. This does smell nicer then normal hand cream and I’m sure it’s much kinder and more effective 🙂

T for Toes foot powder

This stuff is great to put into trainers before exercising and into all of your and your bf’s pongy shoes! Actually works and he noticed too!

Volcano Foot Mask

This stuff is brilliant, where else have you heard of a foot mask? Put this onto your feet, put your feet into plastic bags for 20 mins and then wash off- ta-dar beautiful feet! And it exfoliates too so need to buy a separate foot exfoliator.

For all Products that I Love click here

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