Products that I love: LUSH

Ok this is a very self indulgent post, although I would say surely most blogs are to a degree? I thought I would share one of my obsessions: LUSH products.

Why do I love LUSH products so much?

1. They don’t test on animals

2. They smell out of this world amazing

3. They work

4. For those who are into clean living/bio friendly products/detoxing/general health these products don’t contain any nasty products that’ll get into your body eg parabens.

5. They’re made out of natural fresh products which means that the toiletries will go off- like eating fruit and veg vs McDonalds chips which apparently will stay the same forever.

6. A lot of their products are vegan

7. Their website contains handy little videos telling you about what each all product is all about.

I was going to include all their wonderful products that I use in this post but turns out there are too many so I’ve divided them into separate posts:

Lush for your Hair

Lush for your Face

Lush for your Hand and Feet

Lush for your Body

Check out their website here

For all Products that I Love click here

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