New Lady Gaga track disses Cathy Horyn

Lady Gaga’s new track “Cake (like Lady Gaga)” has been debuted at Mugler’s Spring/Summer 2012 show. For those of you that are wondering what the hell does cake mean?- it means either ass or v-jay jay. Other lyrics of interest are a mention of her so called weight gain “I’m getting fat and so is my bank.” and a swipe at fashion critic for the NY times Cathy Horne and her boyfriend Art Ortenberg “Ortenberg you can suck my dick, walk bitch you ain’t Lady Gaga” “Cathy Horyn your style ain’t dick. Walk a mile in these foot-high heels, I run in these you ain’t running shit.”

Now where has this feud come from? Initially Horyn criticised Versace for choosing to dress Lady Gaga in her “Edge of Glory” video, Lady Gaga reacted to the criticism and then Horyn’s bf responded by writing a letter to WWD magazine referring to Gaga as “vacuous” and telling her to “grow up”.

While I think it’s out of order for anyone to bad mouth anybody what surprises me is Lady Gaga’s reaction to Horyn as Gaga responded so humbly and graciously to Madonna’s criticism of her song “Born this way”

(For those not in the know Madonna performed a mash up of “Express yourself”, “Born this way” and “She’s not me” while on tour pointing to the similarities between Madonna’s “Express yourself and Lady Gaga’s “Born this way”. Lady Gaga responded by stating:                                                “It sometimes makes people feel better about themselves to put other people down or make fun of them or maybe make mockery of their work, and that doesn’t make me feel good at all. That just makes me feel like I’m not being a good human being … I don’t even want to fight back because it’s more important to me to keep writing music. Because that’s really all I care about, is the music.”)

So why is she fighting back now? Surely Horyn’s a small fish to fry or is it precisely this reason that she has reacted- Horyn isn’t going to be able to beat her catchy rap come back whereas Madonna has a wider audience and legions of fans?

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