Products that I love: Benefit

I was first introduced to Benefit by one of my friends who worked at one of their counters, I thought Benetint was an amazing product, although maybe a little more expensive to what I was used to spending on make up- we’re talking superdrug’s miss sporty range or anything cheaper. However I couldn’t find a decent cheaper substitute so went with the Benetint and I’ve never looked back! Here are my favourite products:

Cheek stains:

Previous to buying benetint I don’t think I actually ever used blusher as I don’t really like the look of a powdery face. I’m pretty pale with dark hair so benetint definitely stops me from looking washed out and as with all their stains this also doubles up as a lippy.


While shopping at Benefit to pick up my staple benetint I came across this new lip & cheek stain- excited and curious I asked the sales girl what the deal was and she helpfully explained that “Benetint is for Winter, Posietint is for Summer!” well I don’t really believe in make up being limited to certain seasons but was so impressed by my benetint that I couldn’t resist the purchase. Posietint, as you can probably see in the picture is a nice pink colour and works well if you’re wearing gold or black eye makeup, or any other strong colours that you don’t want to clash with the benetint. Really pretty and also works well as an eyeshadow.


Already in love with my other stains I wasn’t about to stop when in NY (despite being on a budget as was backpacking) I was introduced to cha cha tint- a more orange stain. This works well for me as my freckly & also looks great with a tan.

High beam

This gorgeous product was introduced to me by another friend who just so happened to be a major make up pro and as I was already very pleased with my benetint I was happy to be referred to another benefit product. This is a great highlighter and makes your skin a shimmery pinky silver, use on cheek bones, brow bones and your inner eyes to look fabulous and can also be used as an eyeshadow.

Moon beam

Hungry for more benefit cosmetics I gave moonbeam a go- this gives more of a pinky gold colour.

Sun beam

When benefit launched sun beam this year I knew I had to have it! This is great if you’re doing the whole sun kissed look.

Instant brow pencil

I initially bought benefit’s Brow zings and although the little kit was really useful with the wax, powder and cute little brushes unfortunately the darkest shade wasn’t really dark enough as I have black eyebrows. Luckily the instant brow pencil does come in a really dark shade- although the sales girl tried to sway me from buying this shade as apparently “it’s for blacks”! Well I bought it anyway and it looks great on my caucasian skin, the pencil is a great consistency and the little wand is really useful.

Benefit high brow

This is great to apply to your brow bone to awaken and lift your whole eye area.

Eye bright

This is similar to one of the highlighters in that it can be applied to brow bones, cheek bones and your inner eye area but gives a more subtle effect then the sparkly liquid highlighters and can also be used on any dark areas around your eyes.

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