How to survive being country alone

Hi Everyone,

My boyfriend whom I live with is going away tomorrow on business for TWO weeks, now that shouldn’t be a massive deal but

  • I don’t have a job
  • I only know one other person in this country

So I am pretty much country (like home) alone.

Now through past experience I’ve learnt that sitting around doing nothing or not having regular face to face contact with other people only leaves me depressed so my aim is to keep myself as busy as I possibly can; this is what I’ve planned to do so far to get my through this:

  • Go to various classes and meet up groups
  • Exercise for 2 hours a day = happy & busy!
  • Clean- I actually hardly ever clean but as a grown up I feel this is something I should do + I don’t want to give my bf a heart attack when he gets back
  • Look at volunteering
  • Try to have lots of skype chats with friends from back home
  • Regularly go to places of natural beauty
  • Listen to Paul McKennna’s change your life in 7 days cd- for any of those who haven’t tried this it’s great for motivation and is a great mood lifter.

All suggestions on how to get through this will be welcomed and I’ll keep you updated on all my activities.

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