Country alone day 2/12

Mission 1 Keep myself busy & avoid the loneliness Yesterday I went to the hairdressers and supermarket before going out to meet up with some friends for dinner and a walk. -Tick!

Mission 2 get lots of stuff done: I think I got even less done yesterday then I did on Monday, due to not having much time on my hands- the kitchen is now a tip, I really don’t know how people manage to stay on top of their domestic chores who have other things to do too, I’m not even working and I’m struggling! I also attempted to make myself an omelet- it was disgusting! Apparently my mistake was using rice milk and water.

Mission 3 Exercise: I actually didn’t have enough time to exercise with everything else I had to do yesterday, plus my arm REALLY hurt from the 3 hour badminton session.

Mission 4 Stick to Perricone: I was generally good, but not brilliant! I think I’m going to give up on this mission for the time being!

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