Wow- amazing music video for Lana Del Rey’s “Ride”.

Such an amazing video- the song by itself is fantastic, but the dreamy American landscapes really complete it. Also what is it with Lana’s choice of controversial lovers in her music videos? By controversial I don’t mean that I personally find her choice shocking, but it seems as if she is deliberately choosing unconventional partners in her videos:

  • In Born to Die despite appearing as a Queen she is seen remembering her time with her pierced and tattoo’d lover (hardly worthy of royalty!)
  • Summertime Sadness shows Lana with her female lover Jaime King.
  • In National Anthem Lana plays Jackie O and her husband John F Kennedy is played by black (gasp!) rapper A$AP Rocky.

And now it seems she’s taken a step further and is seen with an array of old, overweight unattractive men! I must admit it does add to the video and we feel as if Lana’s really suffering/believes in her art- I mean she snogged an old man for god’s sake! 

Lana Del Rey- The Paradise Edition

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