Country Alone Day 10/12

Mission 1 Keep myself busy & avoid the loneliness: Once again I booked myself for a Zumba class but ended up cancelling as I felt really nauseous, instead I went to Holland and Barrett and bought some ginger sweets and ginger drink- disgusting. I don’t know if these really helped curb the sickness or not and then treated myself to a really nice lunch at a healthy chain restaurant that I like in the hope that some good nutrition would knock the feeling of sickness. The food was really delicious and having a fizzy lemon drink really helped. I decided to go for a long walk afterwards in the hope that fresh air would sort me out. I’m a bit worried as my laptop charger is playing up- I think I would probably go insane if I didn’t have my laptop- we don’t have TV so I watch programmes on here & all my exercise vids are stored on here-pray for me!

Mission 2 get lots of stuff done: Nope- yes I’m officially bad and getting lots of stuff done.

Mission 3 Exercise: This was a big no as I felt way too sick.

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