Which loose powder? And how to stop your make up running.

I don’t normally wear foundation or loose powder, I really hate that fake “Wow your face is made of powder” look and I don’t need massive coverage so I just use moisturiser and some touche. However now I live in a country where it’s +30 degrees C and 95% humidity everyday, whenever I do wear eye make up, it smudges and ends up all over my face and I look like a total mess, the mascara on my cheeks is a particularly bad look. Even if I put touche all over my eye area before application I still suffer from this problem so I need to get some loose powder.

did own some loose powder, it was probably about 10 years old, purchased before I discovered the joys of touche, I think it was collection 2000, but it seems to have disappeared now so I went on a hunt to buy some new loose powder.

My make up buying philosophy used to be buy whatever’s the cheapest and isn’t totally crap (hence the collection 2000) but since reading about toxins, especially in Junger’s “Clean” I try to make sure that any product that my body is likely to absorb is environmentally friendly and not full of nasty chemicals. This includes all the cleaning products I use (or rather my boyfriend uses) and all of my toiletries. I pretty much use every single type of LUSH product available for this reason (check out my favourite LUSH products here) and because they don’t test on animals and have the bonus of smelling absolutely amazing. So with this in mind I decided this would be a great opportunity to buy a LUSH loose powder and feel like as well as shielding my skin from big black goops of mascara I was doing it some good (it contains Jojoba oil and no preservatives). Well I did think it would be a good idea until I saw the size of the pot-

how the hell was I supposed to get this on my face? My big powder brush wouldn’t even fit inside of this, am I supposed to dab it on with finger?! LUSH PLEASE reconsider the packaging of your products!

So I continued my search…. like I said my makeup buying philosophy was buy whatever’s cheapest which isn’t totally crap… but this changed when I discovered the unrivalled joy and quality of Benefit’s lip and cheek stains. Their stuff comes in the cutest packaging ever and their products are fantastic, when I initially tried their Benetint I was convinced I could find something just as good for cheaper but I was wrong, so a Benefit convert I became, well for their cheek/lip stains, highlighters and one of their brow products- (check out my favourite Benefit Products here) I’m not yet sold on their mascaras, eyeshadows or lippy.

Another more expensive make brand which I recently tried was MAC- I swear this is probably the coolest make up brand there is- I love the packaging, their store layout, their staff always look great and the colours- they probably have the best eyeshadow and lipstick range out of all the make up brands. Sooo last year I made my first MAC purchase, a really nice electric pink lippy, this has got to be THE best lipstick I’ve ever owned, the packaging’s awesome, it lasts for ages, it feels fantastic and moisturising on your lips and the colour is gorg. So with that in mind I made my way to my local MAC shop and purchased some loose powder- yippee!!!!

It works fine, I haven’t had any dreaded make up spillages since I’ve started using this (on my eye area only) and it looks pretty dam cool on my dressing table.

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