My 30th Birthday and Britney Spears & Tracy Anderson Workout Days 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30

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Day 26 I did JLO The Thread, Daily Candy Upper Arms, The Hollywood Workout and my own legs routine. I couldn’t really be bothered to do the Tracy Anderson Bootcamp as it involves a lot of starting and stopping as the video demonstrates lots of different bits of loads of exercises. I think I left it too late to do any cardio.

Day 27 We went into town until quite late and I was completely shattered and went to sleep as soon as we got in, so no exercise for me!

Day 28 I always wake up pretty late in the day and as we had to go to the shopping centre and to a friends house so I didn’t get in as much as exercise as I would’ve liked but this is what I did: Tracy Anderson Bootcamp, Daily Candy Upper Arms, JLO The Thread and The Hollywood Workout. I would’ve liked to have done the Britney Workout but as we didn’t have any of the ingredients in to make the recovery juice (The Britney Workout involves a couple of chest exercises with 5KG weights and I find if I don’t have the recovery juice I’ll ache for days afterwards) I decided to do it the next day instead.

Day 29 It was a lovely sunny day so we sunbathed by the pool for a bit, big mistake as I had an awful splitting headache afterwards (dehydration?) and I could feel the low mood creeping up on me again because I had made the mistake of not listening to my Paul McKenna CD for a couple of days so really the last thing I wanted to do was exercise but if I didn’t exercise it would’ve been over a week since I had last done my Britney Exercise Routine and I really did not have to start from day 1 again. So I forced myself to exercise and although I really did not want to do it with the headache and feeling miserable I actually felt a lot better while I was doing it and felt so much better afterwards, so I think from now on if I don’t fancy exercising I’ll just try and then see how I feel. So I managed The Britney Workout, Daily Candy Upper Arms, TA JLO Thread and The Hollywood Workout (yet again I couldn’t face the stopping and starting of the Tracy Anderson Bootcamp).

Day 30 Today is Day 30 and I thought I would post my exercise for today as I may not get a chance to do it for a while as tomorrow I’m going away for a few days for my birthday! It’s also fitting that this ends on Day 30 as that’s how old I shall be. I’m really not happy about this, I know logically I shouldn’t be upset for managing to exist for 30 years on the earth, but I think all the associations with turning 30 are getting to me- I’m not engaged/married/pregnant/a mother/employed and when you’re younger and you imagine what you’d be like when you’re 30 you kind of think of being really ‘together”. Thankfully I don’t look like some crumpled frumpy woman- as the media would have us believe most 30 year olds would look like, so I suppose at least my appearance deceives my age. Although I may have to start doing some facial exercises just in case!! My boyfriend has lovingly booked some stuff for my birthday week, we’re going away tomorrow and I’m assuming we’re coming back on Thursday although I don’t actually know and where we are going and what we’re doing is also a surprise.

I listened to my Paul McKenna cd last night and it’s definitely made a difference, I was feeling really down in the dumps yesterday but I’ve woken up in a much better mood and feeling very motivated, this is what my exercise for today looked like:

18 minutes full on cardio and then the rest of the hour was made up of step touching, I really do lose my endurance quickly, must try and build myself up to it again and stick to it. I also did the rest of workout B and I feel amazing now afterwards, I think the cardio really does make a difference and I swear regular exercise stops you getting ill, I felt like I was getting a cold last night but now I feel like I’ve sweated the whole thing out.

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2 thoughts on “My 30th Birthday and Britney Spears & Tracy Anderson Workout Days 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30

  1. JoNeaIsisMarie

    I always knew I would not be engaged/married/pregnant/a mother by the time I get to 30 which means I can do what the hell I want 🙂 If these things are important to you then they will come in time, it really isn’t necessary to have any of them done by the time you reach 30 though. P.S. Happy Birthday xXx


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