Britney Spears and Tracy Anderson Workout Days 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, and 36

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This week (the time span followed in the post) I went to Thailand for my birthday.

Day 31 I remembered to bring my laptop where all my online workouts are stored, my trainers and exercise clothes but I didn’t bring any weights with me or my Hollywood Workout DVD so I wasn’t able to do any of the exercises from my normal routine so instead I did Tracy Anderson on Extra and Tracy Anderson Workout in the Office

Day 32 Was my birthday! I was busy all day so I think I can be forgiven for not exercising

Day 33 I was ill, I’d completely lost my voice, had a sore throat, started to develop a rash and was beginning to feel worse….. (so no exercise)

Day 34 We flew home and things were getting worse, the rash was getting worse, had an awful blocked nose and couldn’t stop sneezing or coughing so nope no exercise, just trying to take it easy and feel better

Day 35 Full body rash, all of the above symptoms plus headaches and feeling completely out of it

Day 36 Today was 7 days since I’d last done my Britney Workout so if I didn’t do it that day I’d have to start from Day 1 again. I actually managed to do it surprisingly enough but decided not to do anymore exercise because I really didn’t want to push myself. Luckily the rash has cleared up and I’m starting to feel better but I still can’t speak!!! Later on in the evening I got really restless so did Tracy Anderson JLO The Thread and Tracy Anderson Daily Candy Upper Arms as well as some step touching and a few other random exercises. Feeling rather ambitious I attempted some of the leg exercises from Metamorphosis Days 81-90- NOPE that definitely wasn’t going to happen. Today I’ve got more energy still so I’m continuing to be on the mend and during my sitting around unable to move period I’d definitely put on some weight from being so inactive, thankfully after being more active yesterday that’s coming off. From being ill I’ve been craving lots of really healthy food like fruit, veg, soup and fish, anything to try and make me feel better so I’m going to try and stick to this and include more healthy food in my diet.

My 30th Birthday and Britney Spears & Tracy Anderson Workout Days 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30

Britney Spears and Tracy Anderson Workout Day 37

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