Tracy Anderson Health & Marie Claire Day 2 & 3

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Day 2 I spent this day feeling pretty rubbish and jet lagged still so unfortunately I didn’t get any exercise done.

Day 3 A much better day, I managed the full workout however I substituted the pilates moves that I’m yet to master for Tracy Anderson Facebook Venus. I originally completed the Advanced Pilates DVD in January but I’m still unable to master some of the moves that incorporate downward facing dog with heels flat on the floor- can anyone manage this? Any tips on how to do this? I know that I’m getting Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Beginners DVD for Christmas which includes a detailed explanation on how to master the move so hopefully that’ll help. The reason that I decided to substitute these Pilates exercises for something else is because I’ve been doing them since January and I’m sick of doing it! It’s frustrating because I don’t feel that I’m improving. As well as all my toning/muscular structure I managed 30 mins cardio and amazingly had the energy/inclination to jump around too! My legs are really aching today- although I don’t know if that’s due to the sips of alcohol I had yesterday (I’m literally THAT sensitive to alcohol). I’m really enjoying exercising at the moment and with the release of Tracy Anderson’s Teen Meta and Tracy Anderson’s Total Body Mini Trampoline Workout I feel motivated and spurred on so I can finish all my routines and enjoy some new material 🙂

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