Tracy Anderson Health and Marie Claire Days 4-12

For a breakdown of my workout click here (I’m now replacing my pilates exercises with Tracy Anderson Facebook Venus)

Day 4, 5 and 6 I stayed at my Dad’s for the weekend so was limited on time and space to exercise however I did do Tracy Anderson Facebook Venus every day for the 3 days that I was there. I’ve planned to go for an hour long walk on days that I can’t exercise inside- if I’m staying at someone else’s house and there’s no room, I’m reasoning that if I walk for twice as long as I’d planned to do dance cardio it’ll some how make up for it, however unfortunately the weather’s been so bad recently that I haven’t regularly gone out!

Day 7 Today was Christmas Day so exercise was out of the question!

Day 8 Boxing day was also pretty busy so I didn’t manage to get any exercise in and my bf was visiting so I felt bad about neglecting him to exercise.

Day 9 I was very good and did a whole workout bar the cardio- I had a friend make a surprise visit so I was unable to fit this in.

Day 10 I was pretty exhausted after sales shopping in London but managed to fit in Tracy Anderson Facebook Venus and Tracy Anderson Marie Claire before I conked out.

Day 11 Back on form, I did the whole MS structure section of my workout but no cardio. I’m really enjoying the exercise routine I’m doing at the moment, I normally dread certain exercises/sections from whatever routine I’m doing but thankfully with this I’m enjoying all of it.

Day 12 Thankfully the weather was good enough to go for a walk, I felt brilliant afterwards, I must make this a priority. Muscular structure wise I swapped Score sexy cleavage for the Tracy Anderson Redbook Glutecentric and Abcentric moves and the arms and abs section from Tracy Anderson Dance Aerobics. I’ve definitely put on weight over the Xmas period through eating so much, although I am enjoying all the lovely comfort food and carbohydrates, but it will be great to get back to lots of fruit and veg again.

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