Tracy Anderson Health & A Hot Body at Any Age Day 1

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My boyfriend’s new years resolution is to get a six pack, he came over yesterday and is very motivated to exercise so this gave me a great opportunity to force myself to do a full exercise routine. He went for a run so it was only right that in that time I did 30 minutes dance cardio. Why is it always so hard?! I think the only way to stay good at dance cardio is to do it every single day, with muscular structure work I can pretty much do any routine no matter how much of a break I’ve given myself, but with dance cardio my stamina is constantly diminishing. I did quite a bit of jumping around, but because my room is cold I could feel my shins start to hurt so I had to resort to step touching, even so I managed to sweat quite a bit and it’s better then not doing anything at all. I then did the whole of my new routine, me and my bf did the abs sections together and he did other sit ups, push ups and blokey exercises while I carried on. I really enjoyed it however my legs are really aching today. I think it’s a combo of the dance cardio/100 plies from A Hot Body at Any Age. I think it’s great that my boyfriend is motivated to exercising now so hopefully that’ll keep me going.

Tracy Anderson Health & A Hot Body at Any Age Days 2 & 3

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