My New Routine- Tracy Anderson Courtney Cox Legs

I’ve now completed Day 10 of Tracy Anderson Health so this is what my new routine looks like based on the principals of How to design your own exercise routine:

Warm up from Tracy Anderson JLO Venus (1 minute)
Tracy Anderson Courtney Cox Legs (12 minutes)
20s section from Tracy Anderson A Hot Body at Any Age (6 minutes)
Arms and stomach section from Tracy Anderson Dance Aerobics (2 minutes)
Redbook Abcentric (1 minute)
Redbook Glutecentric (1 minute)
Tracy Anderson Score Sexy Clevage (4 minutes)
Leg stretches (3 minutes)

Making my muscular structure 30 minutes in total, I’ll also do 30 minutes cardio as well. I’m limiting myself to an hour’s exercise a day while I’m still on holiday, when I get back home I’ll increase my time to 2 hours a day.

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