Tracy Anderson Health & A Hot Body at Any Age Days 2 & 3

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Day 2 I woke up feeling unbelievably achey from the exercise the day before, we went out shopping briefly to buy these gorgeous shoes and while outside I was coughing and sneezing constantly and my neck was in agony, despite lemsips and resting I felt pretty ill and fragile for the rest of the day so I didn’t get any exercise done.

Day 3. After a long night’s sleep I felt a lot better. I’m avoiding going out in the cold at the time being to avoid getting ill again so I wasn’t able to go for any walks- I’m unable to do any cardio where I am at the moment as there’s no space and I don’t want to make a lot of noise in the house so I planned on going for walks to make up for it. I did almost all my muscular structure bar Tracy Anderson Score Sexy Cleavage as I felt pretty warn out, but earlier on I did Tracy Anderson Glutecentric exercises as a little bonus add on. Today I completed day 10 of Tracy Anderson Health so next time I exercise I’ll add in some new exercises to fill up the time that that routine would’ve filled.

Tracy Anderson Health & A Hot Body at Any Age Day 1

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