The Best Bronzer

Bronzer is brilliant. I have pale and freckly English/Irish skin so I really benefit from using it especially when I have washed out winter skin or I’ve put on a bit of weight (it normally goes straight to my face) and I need a bit of contouring. Up until recently my blusher was bought from a discount make up and toiletries shop, it did the job, wasn’t really anything special but when the plastic container broke and the blusher spread itself inside the contents of my make up bag it was time to get something new. Since choosing to lead a more toxic free lifestyle where I have been watching what I eat, using more eco and body friendly household products, toiletries and make up I decided it was time to upgrade.

My current two favourite make up brands are Benefit and MAC- because they offer good quality, high end, fashion forward and often unique products.

My first port of call was Benefit as I’m a big fan of their cheek stains, I had a look at their Hoola bronzing powder, but upon checking out the ingredients I discovered it contained 3 different types of paraben, that coupled with the fact that the assistant was ignoring me I decided this was a big no and I would go elsewhere. What’s the point in paying for a more expensive product if it’s full of toxic ingredients?

I went into MAC which was a far more preferable experience, the shop assistants were really helpful and introduced me their range of bronzers, I was really impressed by their Bronzing Powder in Golden which one of the assistants applied and it really seemed to change the structure of my face and had the added bonus of gorgeous shimmery gold particles and a nice compact case with a mirror so it’s far better then any other bronzer that I have seen or used. The final push was the fact that it doesn’t contain any parabens- so there you go! I’m now the faithful owner of Mac’s Bronzing Powder in Golden and I doubt I will ever deviate from that product in the future! It’s really sad but I actually really look forward to applying this product whenever I put make up on.

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