Brad and Angelina’s Domestic Bliss

0705 W CVR NO UPCcess_pitt_jolie_02_h9841fbbfdd48cess_klein_08_he5aebb7f0306d0b6f12ebd05cess_klein_30_ha8baa7ee5402535a661c152bcess_klein_16_hca5f1293b6e2cess_klein_29_hc3934d15b22f920665a139b04ae4d34035d6   d6426f12361e     cess_klein_05_v033ca13a20b6  65aff861a714cess_pitt_jolie_05_h   b2556277322dcess_klein_20_h cess_klein_26_h      d96c185f00ab cess_klein_25_h     c1f79f119ba3 cess_klein_12_h  8e3464d7c4970694f4e46099aeb1bae1d22e   f275c46896b4

Editorial: Domestic Bliss. Magazine: W July 2005. Models: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Photographer: Steven Klein

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