Today’s MAC Purchases

I’ve been meaning to buy some new lipstick for a while, it seems I only ever wear my:benetint+grande
Rose & Co Cherry Kiss lipbalm,17lipstickshowbiz
17 Showbiz lipstick,
or 17 New Black lipstick or a combination of the lot. So off to lovely MAC I went. I initially decided to buy a nude/neutral lippy as they go with all eye make up whereas darker colours can look a bit much paired with dark eye make up or clash with certain eye colours, but a really gorgeous darker lippy caught my eye:
Diva Matte Lipstick. This basically is the colour that I always try to create with my Benetint dark lipstick combo so I decided it was a must have! The make up girl was really helpful and I decided to buy a lip pencil too as my dark lipstick always looks a bit smudge around the edges especially as I wear a lot of lip balm and from the make up tutorials I’ve seen lipliner seems to make a huge difference. So I bought a
lip pencil in Burgundy.
After about a million hand swatches I finally settled on my nude lippy I bought: mac-lip-care-3g-0-1oz-lipstick-touch-women
Lustre Lipstick in Touch and a lip pencil to match:
mac-spice mac
Lip Pencil in Spice.

Happy happy happy! 🙂

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