May Topshop Purchase

27B06EACB_largeI bought this high waisted denim look skater and it’s solved a lot of my fashion problems! When I lived in England the majority of my wardrobe worked around jeans and some kind of top. Now I live in a boiling hot country where it’s 30 degrees every day a lot of my clothes sadly became redundant and I was reduced to wearing pretty summer dresses or plain tight tops over patterned skirts. Now I know saying I was reduced to this may sound absurd but really there’s only so many days in a row where you want to wear pretty summer clothes, eventually you just want to tone it down a bit and wear something comfortable and casual rather then leg and arm bearing numbers that are nipped in at the waist. So basically I had loads of non plain tops but with nothing to wear them with as all my skirts were patterned and only worked with tops that could be tucked into them. I do own some denim shorts but I’m not keen on the extreme leg bearing and long shorts just look a bit rubbish! So THAT is why this skirt is a god send! It also works with my cropped tops that didn’t really go with any of my skirts or high waisted trousers such as this beauty:


April Topshop Purchase

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