Instagram and 100 Happy Days


Today I joined instagram. (If anyone’s interested my instagram thing is @visualsalivation.) I’ve browsed instagram pages on my laptop before- mainly to look at Tracy Anderson (she’s actually the reason I joined twitter too!) I kind of don’t really “get” it. Also it’s annoying that you can only really use it on your tiny little phone screen. I could use my fiance’s ipad but he’s a bit protective so I don’t know if this is a good idea and whether it’d actually help me that much in directing myself around.

Anyway I decided to try the #100happydays challenge because it seems nice, I have been a bit unhappy/stressed recently and thought it was a good way to get me into instagram. I am a bit unsure how I’m going to go about it though because…

1. The things that make me happy on a day to day basis are

  • Neighbours
  • Browsing the internet!!
  • Reading
  • Exercise
  • Nice weather

Do I just keep posting a rotation of those pictures over and over for 100 days?!

2. What if NOTHING makes me happy? I mean drinking water when I’m thirsty makes me happy but isn’t that scraping the barrel?

3. To ensure I stick to the challenge and take a photo of things that make me happy do I just keep taking photos throughout the day and then at 23:55 decide what made me happiest and post that?

4. Should I LOOK for things that keep me happy? If I was to do that I could just take a photo of every item of clothing I own.


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