Welcome to UFO land. UFO is here to here to inspire Ultra Fashion on the inside and the Outside. I’ll be featuring lots of fashion, hair and make up, other goodies to look forward to are our Ultra Fitness Online and Ultra Food Online sections which will make sure that your Ultra Fashion wardrobe is complimented by your Ultra Fine figure. Now all future Fitness and Food posts are in my new blog Fitty  But what’s a beautiful body without a beautiful mind? We can’t have our Ultra Fashionistas being shallow and vapid so our Unravel Fiction (and non fiction) Online section will make sure you mind stays as stimulated as your look.

See you soon

The Mothership

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One thought on “Mission

  1. livingwithshadows

    Hey I dropped by to let you know I nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award.
    over here..

    i love your sense of style, i have picked up a few tips myself! being over 40 i can struggle with staying up to date but also not going the “mutton dressed as lamb” way! your blog is also just stunningly beautiful to look through! anyway i hope you might consider taking part.


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