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Tracy Anderson Courtney Cox Day 1

Don’t worry I didn’t do any running!

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I was good and managed to get my muscular structure done before we travelled to the airport for our 3 day get away to Paris. Cardio wise once we got to Paris we did lots of walking so that ticked off my requirement of going for an hour’s walk when dance cardio wasn’t possible. We had a massive meal so in a bid to try and burn it off, as well as a very long walk I did Tracy Anderson Sky and Tracy Anderson E! Gwyneth Legs- I can’t find the video for this online, if anyone can- let me know!!

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My New Routine- Tracy Anderson Courtney Cox Legs

I’ve now completed Day 10 of Tracy Anderson Health so this is what my new routine looks like based on the principals of How to design your own exercise routine:

Warm up from Tracy Anderson JLO Venus (1 minute)
Tracy Anderson Courtney Cox Legs (12 minutes)
20s section from Tracy Anderson A Hot Body at Any Age (6 minutes)
Arms and stomach section from Tracy Anderson Dance Aerobics (2 minutes)
Redbook Abcentric (1 minute)
Redbook Glutecentric (1 minute)
Tracy Anderson Score Sexy Clevage (4 minutes)
Leg stretches (3 minutes)

Making my muscular structure 30 minutes in total, I’ll also do 30 minutes cardio as well. I’m limiting myself to an hour’s exercise a day while I’m still on holiday, when I get back home I’ll increase my time to 2 hours a day.

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Tracy Anderson Health & A Hot Body at Any Age Days 2 & 3

For a breakdown of my routine click here.

Day 2 I woke up feeling unbelievably achey from the exercise the day before, we went out shopping briefly to buy these gorgeous shoes and while outside I was coughing and sneezing constantly and my neck was in agony, despite lemsips and resting I felt pretty ill and fragile for the rest of the day so I didn’t get any exercise done.

Day 3. After a long night’s sleep I felt a lot better. I’m avoiding going out in the cold at the time being to avoid getting ill again so I wasn’t able to go for any walks- I’m unable to do any cardio where I am at the moment as there’s no space and I don’t want to make a lot of noise in the house so I planned on going for walks to make up for it. I did almost all my muscular structure bar Tracy Anderson Score Sexy Cleavage as I felt pretty warn out, but earlier on I did Tracy Anderson Glutecentric exercises as a little bonus add on. Today I completed day 10 of Tracy Anderson Health so next time I exercise I’ll add in some new exercises to fill up the time that that routine would’ve filled.

Tracy Anderson Health & A Hot Body at Any Age Day 1

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Tracy Anderson Health & A Hot Body at Any Age Day 1

For a breakdown of my routine click here.

My boyfriend’s new years resolution is to get a six pack, he came over yesterday and is very motivated to exercise so this gave me a great opportunity to force myself to do a full exercise routine. He went for a run so it was only right that in that time I did 30 minutes dance cardio. Why is it always so hard?! I think the only way to stay good at dance cardio is to do it every single day, with muscular structure work I can pretty much do any routine no matter how much of a break I’ve given myself, but with dance cardio my stamina is constantly diminishing. I did quite a bit of jumping around, but because my room is cold I could feel my shins start to hurt so I had to resort to step touching, even so I managed to sweat quite a bit and it’s better then not doing anything at all. I then did the whole of my new routine, me and my bf did the abs sections together and he did other sit ups, push ups and blokey exercises while I carried on. I really enjoyed it however my legs are really aching today. I think it’s a combo of the dance cardio/100 plies from A Hot Body at Any Age. I think it’s great that my boyfriend is motivated to exercising now so hopefully that’ll keep me going.

Tracy Anderson Health & A Hot Body at Any Age Days 2 & 3

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