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How to get a body like JLO 3/3

Tracy Anderson’s Routine for JLO as shown on The Thread

Time: 3 minutes
Area worked: Legs
Equipment needed: one 3lb weight, one 1lb weight.

I use a 1lb weight instead of the 3lb for the last move as my arms are prone to bulking. Enjoy!

How to get a body like JLO 1/3

How to get a body like JLO 2/3

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How to stop your muscles aching after exercise.

My muscles always seem to really ache after exercise and the following day and sometimes even the day after that. The pain is particularly bad if I’ve been using weights and can sometimes be so painful that I’m unable to do the exercise again even after 48 hours rest. I always stretch after every workout and have cold showers but this hasn’t helped so far but I’ve now found something actually works!

The Workout and Recovery Juice

This can be found in Jason Vale‘s book 7lbs in 7 days Super Juice Diet, even if you don’t want to follow an exclusively juice diet this is still a great book as has loads of yummy juice and smoothie recipes.

According to the book: Dr Norman Walker, one of the world’s leading juice pioneers, was a great believer in this juice, He believed the combination was the perfect balance of sodium and potassium- two vital minerals that we lose while working out. The Workout Juice should be taken around 30 minutes before exercise and within 1 hour after exercising. This juice helps with the aches and pains usually associated with exercise.


1/4 small cucumber
1 stick celery
2 apples

How to

Juice all of the ingredients and pour over ice.

How to get a body like JLO 2/3

Tracy Anderson’s exercise routine for JLO as shown at Venus promo meeting for writers.

Areas worked: Arms and legs
Time: 8 minutes
Reps: 20
Equipment needed: 1 3lb weight

View the full workout here

How to get a body like JLO 1/3

How to get a body like JLO 3/3

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How to design your own exercise routine

Time and Frequency: The minimum amount of time you should be spending on your exercise is 30 minutes toning and 30 minutes cardio 4X a week, if you want to speed up your progress/feel saintly you can do up to 1 hour toning and 1 hour cardio 6X a week. For each individual routine you should repeat this for 10 different workouts and then move onto a new routine- 10 days is enough time to make sure your body has really benefitted from the routine and that your body and brain don’t get bored. If at the end of the 10 day routine you are unable to master a move/the total repetitions you should continue the move/s you are having problems with into your next routine until you are able to master them.

Push yourself: If your workout says to do between 20 and 80 reps do 80 reps- your body’s only going to change if you work hard and the harder you push yourself the faster you’ll improve and so will your body

Warm up: It’s essential that you begin every exercise routine with a warm up, so if your routine does not include this use a warm up routine from another routine/exercise DVD.

Areas worked: You want to make sure your routine includes exercises that focus on your arms, chest, stomach and legs.

Weights: To avoid bulking and make you sure you have a stream lined figure you should only use 1lb weights on your arms- or 3lbs if the routine involves some kind of balancing in which the 1lb weights will be too small to balance on. For your legs use 1lb ankle weights only. The only exception to this is if you’re doing pec flys/chest presses/one arm rows as there is no problem with increasing the size of your chest muscle. If you are using higher weights you’ll need to make sure that you give that area a rest the following day, otherwise it’s safe to do your routine days in succession.

Cardio: The only forms of cardio that I recommend doing are Tracy Anderson’s dance cardio and Tracy Anderson’s trampoline routines- the repetition focusing on large muscles used in other forms of cardio can cause bulking.

Yoga, Pilates & The Tracy Anderson Method: Yoga is a fantastic form of exercise, not only does it calm your mind but it is the most effective form of stretching for all your muscles so it’s beneficial to incorporate this into your routine regularly.

Pilates is also another great form of exercise as not only does it provide stretching but it really works on your posture and tones the muscles more then yoga.

The Tracy Anderson Method is another unique fitness approach as it works on stimulating your smaller muscles thus pulling in your larger muscles and can stop muscle atrophy which makes your body look aged – think how older body builders may regularly still be working out but their muscles have a saggy look to them. The Tracy Anderson Method also creates a long lean figure.

If your current routine does not include yoga, pilates or a Tracy Anderson routine that works your arms legs and stomach, every 3rd workout day you should rotate a yoga/pilates/Tracy Anderson DVD.

Stretching: At the end of every routine you should make sure that you stretch especially your legs and if you’ve been doing a weighted chest routine- 5KG and up that you thoroughly stretch your chest.

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How to get a body like JLO 1/3

JLo’s Venus Routine by Tracy Anderson

Areas worked: Arms legs and stomach
Toning: 18 minutes
Equipment needed: 3lb weights and 1lb weights
Cardio: 1 minute

For the leg portion of this workout use the 3lb weights as they are larger they are easier to balance on and for the arm section I would only use 1lb weights as my arms are prone to bulking.

There is a short cardio sequence at 3:40.

How to get a body like JLO 2/3

How to get a body like JLO 3/3

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