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Products that I love: Benefit

I was first introduced to Benefit by one of my friends who worked at one of their counters, I thought Benetint was an amazing product, although maybe a little more expensive to what I was used to spending on make up- we’re talking superdrug’s miss sporty range or anything cheaper. However I couldn’t find a decent cheaper substitute so went with the Benetint and I’ve never looked back! Here are my favourite products:

Cheek stains:

Previous to buying benetint I don’t think I actually ever used blusher as I don’t really like the look of a powdery face. I’m pretty pale with dark hair so benetint definitely stops me from looking washed out and as with all their stains this also doubles up as a lippy.


While shopping at Benefit to pick up my staple benetint I came across this new lip & cheek stain- excited and curious I asked the sales girl what the deal was and she helpfully explained that “Benetint is for Winter, Posietint is for Summer!” well I don’t really believe in make up being limited to certain seasons but was so impressed by my benetint that I couldn’t resist the purchase. Posietint, as you can probably see in the picture is a nice pink colour and works well if you’re wearing gold or black eye makeup, or any other strong colours that you don’t want to clash with the benetint. Really pretty and also works well as an eyeshadow.


Already in love with my other stains I wasn’t about to stop when in NY (despite being on a budget as was backpacking) I was introduced to cha cha tint- a more orange stain. This works well for me as my freckly & also looks great with a tan.

High beam

This gorgeous product was introduced to me by another friend who just so happened to be a major make up pro and as I was already very pleased with my benetint I was happy to be referred to another benefit product. This is a great highlighter and makes your skin a shimmery pinky silver, use on cheek bones, brow bones and your inner eyes to look fabulous and can also be used as an eyeshadow.

Moon beam

Hungry for more benefit cosmetics I gave moonbeam a go- this gives more of a pinky gold colour.

Sun beam

When benefit launched sun beam this year I knew I had to have it! This is great if you’re doing the whole sun kissed look.

Instant brow pencil

I initially bought benefit’s Brow zings and although the little kit was really useful with the wax, powder and cute little brushes unfortunately the darkest shade wasn’t really dark enough as I have black eyebrows. Luckily the instant brow pencil does come in a really dark shade- although the sales girl tried to sway me from buying this shade as apparently “it’s for blacks”! Well I bought it anyway and it looks great on my caucasian skin, the pencil is a great consistency and the little wand is really useful.

Benefit high brow

This is great to apply to your brow bone to awaken and lift your whole eye area.

Eye bright

This is similar to one of the highlighters in that it can be applied to brow bones, cheek bones and your inner eye area but gives a more subtle effect then the sparkly liquid highlighters and can also be used on any dark areas around your eyes.

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Great LUSH products for your hair

New Solid Shampoo Bar

This is supposed to be great for your scalp and works on the philosophy that if you have a healthy scalp you’ll have healthy hair too. The cinnamon scent smells lovely, it’s easy to use, lasts for ages, isn’t a liquid so is on flight friendly and it actually feels great rubbing a solid bar into your hair.

Ultra Shine Solid Shampoo Bar

This and the new solid shampoo bar are equally great and equally cheap so I alternate between the two. This makes your hair shiny and sparkly and also smell great.

American Cream Conditioner

This thick conditioner won’t weigh your hair down and smells of heavenly strawberry and vanilla and isn’t too expensive either.

Veganese Conditioner

I actually slightly prefer this to the American Dream- you feel all glowy inside knowing that it’s vegan friendly, smells great and is ultra light for those of us who have thin hair.

H’Suan Wen Hua Hair Mask

This is the best of all of LUSH’s hair treatments- once a week thickly coat your hair in it for 20 minutes then shampoo and condition as usual. Your hair will be fed with all the goodness from the eggs, bananas, avocados and other lovely ingredients in this luxurious mask and will leave your mega shiny and in great condition.

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Great LUSH products for your face

9 to 5 Cleansing Milk

I chose this LUSH cleanser as no water is needed and you’re able to remove it with cotton wool. This cleansing lotion actually contains Orchids- how luxurious is that?!

Mask of Magnaminty Face Mask

This is the only mud mask that LUSH do that isn’t fresh- therefore it’s much cheaper. Keep it in the fridge and it’ll feel extra amazing when you put it on and exfoliates too!

Eau Roma Toner Water

This stuff really makes your skin feel fresh and has the added bonus of being in spritzer bottle.

Dream Steam Steamer Tab

This is another one of the products that I don’t buy regularly as unfortunately I can’t afford to buy toiletries that you only get one use out of. Drop it into a bowl of hot water and enjoy the vapours and then once the water has cooled you can use this as a toner.

Sweet Lips Lip Scrub

This stuff is brilliant for getting rid of that horrible dried skin on your lips and tastes really yummy 🙂 I’d probably use it about once a week.

Ultrabalm All Purpose Balm

You know how versatile and useful vaseline is? Well Ultrabalm is all that but works 100X better, is full of natural ingredients- not petrol and contains essential oils so it actually gets into your skin- use it as a lip balm and you’ll never look back!

Enchanting Eye Cream

Delicate eye cream with a lovely consistency.

Vanishing cream moisturiser

This is a great day moisturiser, it disappears almost instantly into your skin and is a great base under make up.

Full of Grace Serum Bar

I wasn’t really sure what I serum was or what the point of it was so I did some investigating an turns out it’s just a really thick form of moisturiser so ideal as a night cream and also apparently great under a mud mask. This stuff has surprising lasted quite a while, smells great, does the job and is thick and lovely.

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Great LUSH products for your hands and feet

Honey I Washed The Kids soap

This honey-toffee soap leaves your hands smelling absolutely gorgeous!
Helping Hands Hand Cream

I’d pretty much buy any kind of toiletry from LUSH- if they did hairspray, mouthwash, nail polish remover I’d buy it. So it’s hand cream (an essential beauty item!) and it’s by LUSH therefore I own it. This does smell nicer then normal hand cream and I’m sure it’s much kinder and more effective 🙂

T for Toes foot powder

This stuff is great to put into trainers before exercising and into all of your and your bf’s pongy shoes! Actually works and he noticed too!

Volcano Foot Mask

This stuff is brilliant, where else have you heard of a foot mask? Put this onto your feet, put your feet into plastic bags for 20 mins and then wash off- ta-dar beautiful feet! And it exfoliates too so need to buy a separate foot exfoliator.

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Great LUSH products for your body

Bath Bombs

Unfortunately my budget doesn’t stretch to be able to purchase a bath bomb for every bath I have so these are a little treat.

Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder

I was trying to justify a reason for buying dusting (talcum) powder, well turns out this stuff stops you from sweating and keeps you fresh, so great if you live in a hot climate or are off somewhere warm on holiday, is also great to use to refresh your bedsheets and clothes and also this stuff will leave you smelling amazing!

Soft Coeur Massage Bar

This stuff smells ultra delicious and the butters feel so heavenly that it’ll make any massage extra enjoyable.

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner

This has probably got to be THE most amazing thing you’ll EVER smell- seriously!!! Honestly just smell it and you’ll want to buy it, despite being much more expensive then all the other body moisturisers. With it being a body “conditioner” you have to put it on, leave on for a while and then wash off, while having a shower this is fine, you can turn the shower off, brush your teeth, use some LUSH products to wash your face and do your Tracy Anderson arm exercises but is a bit of a pain to use while you’re having a bath so I’d recommend getting a back up normal body moisturiser.

Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream

As a back up body moisturiser for when you want to have a bath I would recommend this Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream- it’s not just for boobs, you can use it all over, the jasmine scent makes you feel all warm and snuggly and apparently has firming qualities.

Aromaco Solid Deodorant

Now as deodorants go this isn’t the most powerful one in the world, BUT it doesn’t contain any nasty parabens which have been shown to have a strong link with breast cancer so it’s probably worth the sacrifice of “smelling a bit more like yourself”, plus your natural smell is supposed to turn other people on! This stuff lasts for absolutely ages, feels lovely when you put it on and has the added bonus of not being in an aerosol or being a liquid- so you can take it in your carry on luggage whenever you fly.

Happy Hippy Shower Gel

This doubles up nicely as bubble bath, is the best smelling out of all of LUSH’s shower gels and much like grapefruit is great at waking you up.

Glorious Mud

This is a body mask- ooooo put it all over your body, leave for 5 minutes (do your Tracy Arm exercises) and then wash off and has the added bonus of being an exfoliator too- I’d recommend using about once a week.

Sugar Scrub Shower Scrub

Ok so if you’re using glorious mud you don’t really need this, but it does have a few magic qualities- removes toxins, makes your skin feel alive, increases circulation and helps get rid of cellulite- so who could resist?


This is the nicest shower body wash, much more luxurious then a shower gel (although also more expensive) and is great for sensitive skin.

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Products that I love: LUSH

Ok this is a very self indulgent post, although I would say surely most blogs are to a degree? I thought I would share one of my obsessions: LUSH products.

Why do I love LUSH products so much?

1. They don’t test on animals

2. They smell out of this world amazing

3. They work

4. For those who are into clean living/bio friendly products/detoxing/general health these products don’t contain any nasty products that’ll get into your body eg parabens.

5. They’re made out of natural fresh products which means that the toiletries will go off- like eating fruit and veg vs McDonalds chips which apparently will stay the same forever.

6. A lot of their products are vegan

7. Their website contains handy little videos telling you about what each all product is all about.

I was going to include all their wonderful products that I use in this post but turns out there are too many so I’ve divided them into separate posts:

Lush for your Hair

Lush for your Face

Lush for your Hand and Feet

Lush for your Body

Check out their website here

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