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Kiki K Purchases


My fiance’s mother had bought some cute writing paper from Kiki K so I thought I would have a look inside. I needed to replace my notebook from Typo which had fallen apart. So I bought this cute little pink leather one and….


This recipe folder caught my eye. I have loads of Perricone and Junger recipe print outs so it will be great to have them in a cute little folder.recipe_organiser_styled2 web_let_s-eat-open

Hello UFOers

Welcome to UFO land. UFO is here to here to inspire Ultra Fashion on the inside and the Outside. Obviously we’ll be featuring lots of fashion, hair and make up but other goodies to look forward to are our Ultra Fitness Online and Ultra Food Online sections which will make sure that your Ultra Fashion wardrobe is complimented by your Ultra Fine figure.  But what’s a beautiful body without a beautiful mind? We can’t have our Ultra Fashionistas being shallow and vapid so our Unravel Fiction (and non fiction) Online section will make sure you mind stays as stimulated as your look.

See you soon

The Mothership