Converse Trainers

lConverse trainers first appeared on my fashion consciousness when The Strokes burst onto the music scene in 2001 with a new sound and excellent dress sense. I think The Strokes were one of the first 2000s rock bands to take their look seriously, a look which complemented their music and screamed New York and retro. Unfortunately since then “unmanufactured” rock bands or their record companies in an attempt to imitate that successful collaboration of music and style have hired stylists rather then dressing themselves to create their own “authentic”, “lived in” look with “distressed” clothing to compliment their “real” music. This is conversely completely unauthentic as they didn’t choose the looks themselves and makes them much closer to the “fake” pop bands.


I’ve always loved Shirley Manson’s style and shortly after The Strokes arrived she was pictured wearing pink converse high tops and luckily for me Office started stocking them! So I purchased my very first pair.


Unfortunately these shoes wouldn’t withstand England’s rain and tramping about London’s public transport system so I ended up rebuying these shoes several times. Eventually I converted to a Barbie like pair of Nike Dunks and then stuck with the Nike brand.


Now 10 years later converse trainers seem to be making a bit of a come back. Lana Del Rey wore a pair in her Born to Die video. I assume she’s working the whole classic Americana thing.


And tumblr is full of pictures of slim tanned teens wearing converse trainers. tumblr_mxi5ofb5b31ruj7omo1_500

Shoes wise I didn’t have a lot of flats options- a pair of black leather boots which only work with dark tights or black jeans and are obviously not suitable for warmer weather, chunky retro nike high tops which only look good with skinny white wash jeans and sandals which work with jeans, dresses and skirts but aren’t suitable for walking on any type of terrain. Hopefully a pair of converse trainers should fill that void!



With my converse shoe vision on I noticed a waiter wearing a really nice lilac pair and resolved that these could be the ones!

I have recently joined polyvore (and I’m completely obsessed! If you’re not on it you need to get on it!) and I saw lots of looks incorporating converse trainers. Sadly the black converse trainers with skinny black jeans didn’t translate well into real life when I tried a pair on however I really loved this look by girl1djbcsam:



Which pretty much confirmed for me that lilac trainers would be the ones! Lucky for me there’s a discount converse shop not far from where I live so I bought my ct dainty ox lavendula trainers for only $50! And we all lived happily ever after.

converse3 copy

December MAC purchases


You know what it’s like; you have a favourite shade of lipstick, eyeshadow or blusher and once it’s used up you really struggle to replace it. I’ve been searching for a nice pink eyeshadow to replace a small pink eyeshadow bought for me years ago in a make up set. I’m still endeavouring to buy toxin free make up so this made the search even harder- an eyeshadow from Illamasqua was pretty much bang on but a look at the ingredients revealed that it contained parabens so it was not to be! I finally settled on this beautiful MAC shade Sweet Acting which is a Pressed Pigment and is lovely and sparkly. I’m also pretty happy that it’s MAC as it’s my favourite make up brand!


The lady in the shop demonstrated that the eyeshadow works a lot better over an eye primer as it gave the colour something to hold onto. I had previously just used ysl’s touche eclat as an eyeshadow primer but after trying a real primer I’ve noticed a huge difference; eye make up is so much easier to apply, including liquid eyeliner on top of eyeshadow, there’s no smudged and it lasts all day without disappearing into the creases- I’m definitely sold! I bought MAC’s painterly Pro longwear paint pot which is the lightest shade and works under all eyeshadows.


Topshop and glasses purchases


Yes I’ve been shopping! I bought this Viscose V Tee from Topshop for work


And this lovely slouchy comfy Fleck oversized top which I can actually wear as a dress also from Topshop- and they were both pretty cheap! Hooray!

Photo on 2013-11-22 at 15.38

These specs are from Urban Attitude- I’ve been after some spectacles for a while to replace pairs lost/broken. They’re just for pretend/hiding my face when it’s too dark for sunglasses.




And FINALLY I have a pair of sunglasses!!! That aren’t a men’s, lesser pair that I don’t really like. I’ve been after some cats eye glasses since I broke my pair which I loved! And who would’ve thought my much sought after glasses would be from the KARDASHIAN Kollection!!!!

Office chic!

Photo on 2013-11-22 at 15.50 Photo on 2013-11-22 at 15.38 Untitled 7

Glasses: Urban Attitude
Cardigan: H&M
Dress: H&M
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Shoe/boots: New Look

Love it on lookbook!