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Tracy Anderson Health & A Hot Body at Any Age Day 1

For a breakdown of my routine click here.

My boyfriend’s new years resolution is to get a six pack, he came over yesterday and is very motivated to exercise so this gave me a great opportunity to force myself to do a full exercise routine. He went for a run so it was only right that in that time I did 30 minutes dance cardio. Why is it always so hard?! I think the only way to stay good at dance cardio is to do it every single day, with muscular structure work I can pretty much do any routine no matter how much of a break I’ve given myself, but with dance cardio my stamina is constantly diminishing. I did quite a bit of jumping around, but because my room is cold I could feel my shins start to hurt so I had to resort to step touching, even so I managed to sweat quite a bit and it’s better then not doing anything at all. I then did the whole of my new routine, me and my bf did the abs sections together and he did other sit ups, push ups and blokey exercises while I carried on. I really enjoyed it however my legs are really aching today. I think it’s a combo of the dance cardio/100 plies from A Hot Body at Any Age. I think it’s great that my boyfriend is motivated to exercising now so hopefully that’ll keep me going.

Tracy Anderson Health & A Hot Body at Any Age Days 2 & 3

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The Best Health/Diet Books

Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman Why I am a pescatarian

Clean by Alejandro Junger

Forever Young by Nicholas Perricone

The Juice Diet by Jason Vale Workout and recovery juice

The Carol Vorderman Detox Books

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Tracy Anderson Health & Marie Claire Day 1

For a breakdown of my workout click here

This was my first proper exercise since my 13 hour flight and adjusting to the 8 hour time difference. I was pressed for time as I’d arranged to meet up with a friend so I just did Tracy Anderson Health and Tracy Anderson Marie Claire. It’s really good to exercise again, although it was harder then usual, probably due to being a little jet lagged. I think I can forgive myself for not doing the full routine since this was my first day back at it.

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My new exercise routine- Tracy Anderson Health & Marie Claire

I’ve now finished 10 rotations of my Britney Spears and Tracy Anderson Workout so it’s time to start a new routine.

Using the principals of Design Your Own Exercise Routine I’ve made sure this workout was 30 minutes long- normally I try to make sure my muscular structure/toning is 1hr but I let myself do 30 minutes if I’m on holiday- I’m back home in England for about a month so I want to make the most of my time so I’ve reduced my workout time to an hour in total (30 minutes muscular structure, 30 minutes cardio).

For every exercise routine I make sure I include a warm up if it isn’t already incorporated into one of the workouts, so I’m doing the very short warm up from Tracy Anderson JLO Venus.

I also make sure I do a series of leg stretches at the end of my workout because my legs get quite stiff from the dance cardio and any leg work.

I’m still yet to master some of the moves from More than Mat Pilates Advanced so I’m including them into all my workouts until I finally master them.

For chest exercises I’m doing Tracy Anderson’s Score Sexy Cleavage.

To make my routine up to 30 minutes total and include workouts that exercise my arms, legs and stomach I’m doing Tracy Anderson Marie Claire and Tracy Anderson Health.

Every 3rd workout I’ll be doing either pilates, yoga or a new workout I’m yet to try.

This is what my routine looks like:

Warm up (1 minute) Tracy Anderson Health (13 minutes, arms, stomach and legs) Tracy Anderson Marie Claire (5 minutes, stomach and legs) Tracy Anderson Score Sexy Cleavage (4 minutes, chest) Dance cardio for 30 minutes, Pilates moves I’m yet to master (4 minutes, legs) Leg stretches (3 minutes)

Tracy Anderson Health & Marie Claire Day 1

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How to stop your muscles aching after exercise.

My muscles always seem to really ache after exercise and the following day and sometimes even the day after that. The pain is particularly bad if I’ve been using weights and can sometimes be so painful that I’m unable to do the exercise again even after 48 hours rest. I always stretch after every workout and have cold showers but this hasn’t helped so far but I’ve now found something actually works!

The Workout and Recovery Juice

This can be found in Jason Vale‘s book 7lbs in 7 days Super Juice Diet, even if you don’t want to follow an exclusively juice diet this is still a great book as has loads of yummy juice and smoothie recipes.

According to the book: Dr Norman Walker, one of the world’s leading juice pioneers, was a great believer in this juice, He believed the combination was the perfect balance of sodium and potassium- two vital minerals that we lose while working out. The Workout Juice should be taken around 30 minutes before exercise and within 1 hour after exercising. This juice helps with the aches and pains usually associated with exercise.


1/4 small cucumber
1 stick celery
2 apples

How to

Juice all of the ingredients and pour over ice.