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The Best Nude Lipstick


I’ve been searching SO LONG for the perfect nude lipstick shade and I now I’ve finally found it! It’s MAC’s Jubilee in Lustre which is flawless. The colour is a peachy brown which is quite subtle so you can build it up.


The colour totally suits my colourings which is dark hair, blue eyes, pale skin and freckles


Today’s MAC Purchases

I’ve been meaning to buy some new lipstick for a while, it seems I only ever wear my:benetint+grande
Rose & Co Cherry Kiss lipbalm,17lipstickshowbiz
17 Showbiz lipstick,
or 17 New Black lipstick or a combination of the lot. So off to lovely MAC I went. I initially decided to buy a nude/neutral lippy as they go with all eye make up whereas darker colours can look a bit much paired with dark eye make up or clash with certain eye colours, but a really gorgeous darker lippy caught my eye:
Diva Matte Lipstick. This basically is the colour that I always try to create with my Benetint dark lipstick combo so I decided it was a must have! The make up girl was really helpful and I decided to buy a lip pencil too as my dark lipstick always looks a bit smudge around the edges especially as I wear a lot of lip balm and from the make up tutorials I’ve seen lipliner seems to make a huge difference. So I bought a
lip pencil in Burgundy.
After about a million hand swatches I finally settled on my nude lippy I bought: mac-lip-care-3g-0-1oz-lipstick-touch-women
Lustre Lipstick in Touch and a lip pencil to match:
mac-spice mac
Lip Pencil in Spice.

Happy happy happy! 🙂