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March Monochrome Purchases

Today was the first day of my payday weekend- yippee! My first paycheque from my new job- the first full time job I’ve had in over 2 years!!rsa8357_black

I bought this Black Cotton Spandex Bodysuit with a low back from American Apparel- love it! It should look great with all my high waisted skirts and trousers. I just need to find a bra that’s going to work with this.rsa8357_0125T02EWHT_largeI also bought this lovely lightweight white cashmere vest from Topshop- this is now the third one I own- the others are in black and baby blue. Perfect for exercise and sunshine!25T02EWHT_2_large81HBC1iZXrL._SL1500_

Carrying on with my workout purchases I also got these cute Nike Gym Vintage shorts- all my other workout trousers are capris but thought a pair of shorts would be good for my visits to the physio and for those Tracy Anderson exercises where you need to hold to the ball at the back of your knee to get a bit more grip.nike-7560-617521-1

epic run printed capri-588681-100-f


And finally I bought these monochrome flower/triangled Nike Epic Run Printed Tights/Capris. I’m wearing my capris every day to cycle to and from work in and to exercise in so I thought I could afford myself another pair.

Ways to wear white

Alice CF
Anouska Proetta Brandon
Mary Brownshewearsfashion
Structured tumblr_mo7suxJOTY1rhw1vyo1_1280
Ann Marie Hoang
Sharon Jiangessyviolet.blogspot.sg
Sheer/Cutaway White
How to wear WHITE

White shellac gel nails

Photo on 2013-07-11 at 13.24 #2


Here a pic of my TWO WEEK OLD mani! This is my first experience with gel/shellac nail polish and I have to say I’m impressed. I went for a manicure and they used OPI whit shallac nail polish, it was quite pricey so I think I will be doing at home mani pedis from now on and I think spending a little bit of extra money on a bottle of gel nail polish is definitely worth the price. Another reason why I won’t be going for another gel manicure is that to dry my nails after each coat they put them under a UV lamp which isn’t exactly good for you!

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